Are you familiar with a personal computer? What about a personal dishwasher?

     Just like we have personal computers, what’s stopping us from having a personal dishwasher? Technology, demand, practicality, applicability? The answer is none of them.

     Most of us, if not all, had to do the dishes by hand at some point in our lives. Many still do. I certainly still do it. It’s interesting to see how many devices are ubiquitous like phones and computers. However dishwashers are not, and not because there is no need for it –- we all need clean dishes. Our market research tells us that the reason is the lack of an appropriate design.

There is no dishwasher that is small enough and needs no plumbing so it could be used anywhere.

The Market

     The numbers are there, it’s clear that the dishwasher industry was ready for disruption. It just makes sense. There are so many people living without dishwashers: students, young professionals, seniors, offices, tourist cabins, campers, mobile homes, etc. Half of the total households in U.K., Europe, and U.S.A don’t have a dishwasher.

     Big companies will not address this gap in the market.  It seems that they either don’t care or just don’t see it.

     There is more though. Manual dishwashing brings huge amounts of wasted water and electricity. It also contaminates the water with detergent which makes it very hard to reuse it in things like irrigation. It’s just very hard to understand why in the age of artificial intelligence and drones flying everywhere we are still doing our dishes.

The Solution

     Ultrasound used as cleaning principle would allow us to make a super small dishwasher that cleans in minutes, needs no detergent, and could be taken anywhere you go. We’ve been busy working on the preliminary design and more work needs to be done in order to get this to market. We are definitely confident we can and will do it. We’ll share more information as we progress. Stay tuned!

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